Girard Borough is announcing the opening of the 2021 cycle of the Façade Improvement Grant Program. Created in 2018, the borough has awarded more than $109,000 in façade grants supporting more than $240,000 in completed and scheduled improvements over three years.

All buildings within the designated downtown boundary, which is Main Street from the east borough line (just west of Westgate Drive) to Old Ridge Road, and Rice Avenue from Main Street to Vine Street, are eligible for these grant funds, provided that all improvements are in compliance with the codes and ordinances of Girard Borough. Property owners, as well businesses in the downtown, are encouraged to apply for the grants.

These façade grants will be made on a 50/50 matching basis. Girard Borough will provide up to 50% of the project cost as a grant with the remaining 50% of the cost being the property/business owner’s responsibility. The maximum grant awarded will be $10,000, but applicants may request as little as $200.

The deadline for applicants to apply is April 23, 2021.

Application – Girard Borough Façade Improvement Grant Program – Cycle 4

Guidelines – Girard Borough Façade Improvement Grant Program – Cycle 4  

Funding for the 2021 Façade Improvement Grant Program is from a Mission Main Street Grant awarded to the borough by the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority.