Welcome to Girard Borough!

Girard Borough is best know for being the home of circus owner Dan Rice.

Tucked alongside the Lake Erie coast, a borough with a broad history and a show town past bears the name Girard, Pennsylvania. Some of America’s most notable pioneers soldiers, showman, and businessman have strolled past buildings that still stand today on Main Street. Learn more about Girard, Pennsylvania.

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Girard Borough Codes and Ordinances

Yellow/White House Survey

Battles Museum of Rural Life Organizational Survey The historical organizations listed below have served the Girard area for many years and are exploring how they can better serve effectively in the long term. Your answers [...]

Erie County 137 Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program

HOUSING REHABILITATION ASSISTANCE ERIE COUNTY AFFORDABLE HOUSING FUND PROGRAM  Assistance is available to income-qualified families in several communities including Girard Borough to have repairs made to their homes. The assistance is being provided through Erie [...]

Drinking Water Quality Report

2020 ANNUAL DRINKING WATER QUALITY REPORT Girard Borough Water Department PWSID #: 6250049 Este informe contiene información muy importante sobre su agua de beber. Tradúzcalo ó hable con alguien que lo entienda bien. (This report [...]