Welcome to Girard Borough!

Girard Borough is best know for being the home of circus owner Dan Rice.

Tucked alongside the Lake Erie coast, a borough with a broad history and a show town past bears the name Girard, Pennsylvania. Some of America’s most notable pioneers soldiers, showman, and businessman have strolled past buildings that still stand today on Main Street. Learn more about Girard, Pennsylvania.

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Girard Borough Codes and Ordinances

Girard Historic District National Register Nomination

June 8, 2022 The Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Board met earlier this week to review several National Register of Historic Places nominations from the throughout the Commonwealth, one of which was the Girard Historic District nomination. [...]

Circus and Canal History

Even local history buffs are learning a thing or two about Girard as the borough works toward National Register of Historic Places designation for its downtown. The borough will host a public meeting on the [...]