January 20, 2023



Council in regular session was called to order at 7:00 p.m. in council chambers. President McNally presiding.


Dennis McNally, President Alfred Noble, Vice President Robert “Doc” Orr

Jeanne Miller Gregg Mitcho Jim Simonelli Doug Wright

Robert Stubenbort, Borough Manager Peter Burton, Mayor

Joseph Yochim, Solicitor Mark Corey, Engineer

Kevin Rafferty, Chief of Police

Dennis McDonald, Public Works Supervisor


VISITORS                                Ginger Cinti Larry Russell Shirley Hall Cindy Taverese

MINUTES                                Motion by Councilmember Orr to approve the December 19 2022 council meeting minutes. Seconded by Councilmember Mitcho. All in favor. Motion carried.

BILLS                                      Councilmember Orr questioned a bill from Fairview Hardware. Motion by Councilmember Orr to approve payment of the bills. Seconded by Councilmember Noble. All in favor. Motion carried.

COMMUNITY REPORTS        Cindy Tavernese explained to Council that she lives across the street from

the Presbyterian Church on Main Street m1d she believes that the vehicles are traveling at a high rate of speed creating a safety hazard.

Councilmember Simonelli suggested that we paint the speed limit on Main Street. Larry Russell mentioned an upcoming LOVE INC. meeting at the Presbyterim1 Church, m1d everyone is invited.


PERSONNEL                            Councilmember Mitcho reported that we had 1146 EMS calls in 2022, the

highest on record. The fund drive for Dobler Hose has raised $54,000.00, which is good but the expenses to keep the fire department going are tremendous. New trucks and ambulance are needed. A truck ordered today wouldtake three years to arrive. The Girard Township will divide

$179,300.00 of ARPA money with Dobler Hose, Lake City Fire Department, and Platea Fire Department as ,veil as West County Communications Center and West County Paramedics. Councilmember Orr reported that the Emergency Management Center ordered new batteries for the portable radios. The light tower maintenance has not been recorded in the past and will be recorded from now on.




Mayor Burton said that Girard Downtown received a Renaissance Block Grant for Chestnut Street, Myrtle Street, and Locust Street a meeting will be held witl1 residents of tl1ose streets to explain tl1e grant and application process. There is also a grant for internet upgrades for businesses. Council member Noble asked if his house would be included in tl1e grant since his driveway is on Chestnut Street. Mayor Burton said yes.

Police Chief Rafferty said that Officer Luis Ludwig was sworn in as a full time officer. One applicant was on tl1e Civil Sen1ice Test list and we ,ffe conducting a background check before hiring. Councilmember Simonelli asked if botl1 accidents on Main Street alcohol were related. Chief Rafferty said tliat both are open cases and cannot be talked about. Mayor Burton explained tl1at our officers are not allowed to use radar guns per tl1e state law and when using tl1e white lines to time cars for speeding tl1e tickets do not hold up in court. Councilmember Wright mentioned tl1at the Girard Police could work witl1 tl1e State Police to enforce tl1e speed limit using radar. Councilmember Mitcho asked Chief Rafferty if tl1e twenty two parking tickets were for winter parking rules. Chief Rafferty said yes.

Councilmembcr Simonelli asked if tl1e cars parked on off street parking on Myrtle Street were allowed to park facing against traffic. Chief Rafferty said that on off street private parking tl1ey could park facing against traffic.

Resolution 1-1-2023 Council is asked to accept liquid fuels money totaling

$111,843.17 to be used for various road surfacing proqjects in 2023. The breakdown for tl1e total is as follows:

Liquid Fuels Act 655 money is   $102,395.17 Turnback Act 32 money is       $ 2,880.00 County Liquid Fuels money is (+-)    $ 6,568.00

Motion by Councilmember Noble to approve Resolution 1-1-2023. Seconded by Councilmember Simonelli. All in favor. Motion carried.

The PSAB Annual Conference will be held June 4-7, 2023 in Hershey. Also, the Fall Conference is in Erie tl1is year, October 13-15, 2023.


MEMBERS                               President McNally assigned the committees to remain tl1e same.










Please turn in your State Ethics Form to the borough office at your earliest possible convenience.

The Public Works Department will remodel the restrooms in the borough building as time allows.

The rates for the Girard Borough Pool should be established so the pool flyers can be made. Motion by Councilmember Noble to allow the Girard Community Pool rates to remain the same as 2022. Seconded by Councilmember Simonelli. All in favor. Motion carried.

The kickoff for the TextMyGov communications program is underway. This is a push/ pull texting system so we can send out information and if a participant texts a general question the system will reply automatically with preassigned information.

The American Legion Post 494 is requesting that the borough provide flags for the pole on Main Street in front of the Borough Building. Also, the Legion is requesting permission to post a small sign on the Hotel Park property for their monthly breakfast. Council will allow the Legion to advertise for the monthly brealuast because they are a civic group. No other signs will be allowed without Council permission.

The Solicitor and Borough Manager will attend a virtual Cyber Security class on January 19 and 26 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. The PSAB is offering the class. As time goes on the State Audit is including more security information. This class will help to prepare the future needs of the borough cyber security.

The Occupational Vocational Rehabilitation office is offering summer help to the Girard Borough. The program would offer two school age children the opportunity to be paid by OVR and work for the borough. This group would be happy to help the many volunteer projects during tl1e summer. The program may also pay for a GIS person for tl1e summer to work on the new GIS Program. Council approved tl1e summertime help from OVR.

Mr. Dan McQuillen is adding a car charging unit to his business, McQuillen Chevrolet GMC. The borough is working with our electric consultant Ed Sullivan from tl1e Quad3 Group to determine if our electric system can supply tl1e electricity or if upgrades will need to be made.

The borough did budget for signifecmt spending on the water system in 2023. Included are tl1e flowing expenditures:

GPS unit $7,196.28 Controller (2) $ 5,928.M

Chlorine analyzer panel $6,788.66 GIS Map system $540.00 / year

Also, the Walnut Street water storage tank project is scheduled to begin in March.




The 2023 Race to remember will take place on February 4, 2023. The money raised will benefit the Girard School District Foundation. The borough asks that participants avoid using Lake Street between EVES and GHS during the race. Girard Borough Police will provide safety for the runners.

Included in the Council Package is information on reusable ice-skating rinks for Council consideration.

Councilmember Mitcho mentioned the Rice Avenue Library is looking for Council permission to set up story boards in Water Works P,ffk.

Council agreed to allow the Rice Avenue Library to set up story boards in Water Works Parle Councilmember Mitcho mentioned that the local municipalities will meet to discuss the implementation of a fire tax to help the local fire departments.

Councilmember Simonelli mentioned that the Fish and Boat Commission is still investigating if Old Ridge Road by the noe razed Old Ridge Road Bridge is borough property.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m. for a five-minute break before going into executive session.




At 8:55 p.m., President McNally asked for an executive session to discuss personnel and legal matters.

The regular meeting was called back into session at 9:30 p.m.

Motion by Councilmember Wright to approve a salary increase of LL,5% for the Borough Manager and a new hourly rate of $26.00 per hour for Laurie Sullivan. Seconded by Councilmember Noble. All in favor. Motion carried.

Motion by Councilmember Noble to approve one extra week of vacation, which can be cashed in, for the Borough Manager and Office Clerk for the year 2023. Seconded by Councilmember Simonelli. All in favor.

Motion carried.

ADJOURN                                Motion by Councilmember Miller and seconded by Councilmember Orr to adjourn at 9:36 p.m. All in favor.

Robert A. Stubenbort Borough Manager