Girard 2024 Borough Boards and Committees

[Mitcho will serve as an alternate on all boards and committees.]

Administration, Police, Personnel

·        Miller, Drushel, Mitcho

Fire Department/Fire Tax

·        Miller, Orr, Mitcho

West County Paramedics Board

·        Wright, Stubenbort (alternate)

Emergency Management Association

·        Orr, Mitcho (alternate)

West County Communications Center Board

·        Miller, Mitcho (alternate)

Erie County Association of Boroughs (ECAB)

·        Miller, Orr, Simonelli

Erie Area Coalition of Governments (EACOG)

·        Wright

Elk Creek Recreation Board

·        Miller, Drushel

Council Rep – Zoning

·        Miller

Council Rep – Planning

·        Simonelli

Council Rep – Lake City

·        Mitcho

Council Rep – Girard Township

·        Mitcho

Civil Service

·        Wright, Knapp

Insurance Committee

·         Miller, Wright, Drushel

Building & Grounds, Utilities Committee

·        Simonelli, Orr, Knapp

Streets & Sidewalks Committee

·        Simonelli, Wright, Knapp

Pool Committee

·        Miller, Wright, Drushel

Food Truck Ordinance Committee

·        Miller, Rob, Mitcho

Animals Ordinance Committee

·        Miller, Wright, Drushel

Temporary Rentals Ordinance Committee

·        Miller, Simonelli, Drushel

RV/ Boat Parking Ordinance Committee

·        Miller, Simonelli, Orr

Parks/Trails Committee

·        Wright, Simonelli, Orr

Hotel Park Committee

·        Miller, Orr, Drushel




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