Yard/Garage Sales

If you plan to have a yard/garage sale you will need to pick up a free permit from the borough office.   You may have three permitted yard sales per year.  NO PERMIT IS REQUIRED FOR THE LAKE STREET SALE WEEK END.

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What Is A Nuisance?

The borough is a clean well kept community and this is partially because our nuisance ordinance mandates that the storage of abandoned or junked automobiles or other motor driven equipment or material part thereof, the dumping or accumulation of garbage, refuse, trash, or other junk, including all types of discarded personal property, dangerous buildings, or [...]

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Borough Refuse Area

As a reminder, all Girard Borough residents must obtain a sticker permit if you wish to take yard waste to the compost area.  The FREE sticker can be obtained from the borough office  Once you receive the sticker, you must place it on the back of the mirror in the vehicle you use for transporting [...]

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Walking Your Dog

If you take your dog for a walk don't forget to take along a bag and scoop to collect the feces.  It is not only against the law to allow your dog to defecate on public or private property, it is a health hazard.

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Grass & Weeds

Do not allow your grass or weeds to exceed 6" in height.  Otherwise, you will receive a written notice from the police department with instructions to cut the weeds and grass or be cited.

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Important Telephone Numbers

Police, Fire & Ambulance Emergency                                  911 Police non-emergency              868-7911 Borough Office                           774-9683 Borough Utilities                [...]

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Burning Ordinance

Leaves and yard waste cannot be burned All rubbish and household waste material must be properly disposed of and cannot be burned. All fires must be attended by an adult and cannot emit any noxious gases, fumes or odors. Please remember to recycle.

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Search ordinances and codes

Did you know that our ordinances and codes are searchable through our Ecode360 system? You can find most all of the information you need about ordinances and codes by using this system. https://ecode360.com

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