Girard Historic District National Register Nomination

June 8, 2022 The Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Board met earlier this week to review several National Register of Historic Places nominations from the throughout the Commonwealth, one of which was the Girard Historic District nomination. The board voted unanimously to forward the nomination to the National Park Service for final review and approval (keeping fingers [...]

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Circus and Canal History

Even local history buffs are learning a thing or two about Girard as the borough works toward National Register of Historic Places designation for its downtown. The borough will host a public meeting on the initiative Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Girard Borough Building Social Hall, 34 Main St. W. The borough, in partnership [...]

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Maximum Hair Salon

18 Main St E :: Maximum Hair Salon, Jen and Craig Kovaly Written by: Erin Phillips The history of 18 Main Street East was very important to Craig Kovaly when, 15 years ago, he and his wife, Jen, were looking to establish Jen’s Hair Salon business in Girard. Jen had a successful following and clientele [...]

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235 Main Street Tavernese

235 Main Street East :: David Tavernese Written by Erin Phillips Main Street in Girard isn’t just for businesses and storefronts, there are many residential properties lining Main Street and David Tavernese’s home at 235 Main Street E is a beautiful example of some of the astounding historic residential architecture that Girard offers. David moved [...]

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Main Street Art, Eliza’s Pottery

138 Main St W :: Main Street Art, Eliza’s Pottery: Eliza Wolfe Eliza Wolfe’s Main Street Art, a retail space and art gallery at 138 Main Street West has been a part of the fabric of Girard’s Main Street since 2005, but the building itself has been there for much longer. Built in 1861, this [...]

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Crick Coffee House and Eatery

  146-150 Main Street West :: Val and Dan Mininger   Val Mininger, owner of the Crick Coffee House and Eatery as well as a dual commercial storefront in Girard, has made the revitalization of Main Street a personal mission: “Running a coffee shop was never something that I really wanted to do; I’m a [...]

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