February 20, 2023




Council in regular session was called to order at 7:00 p.m. in council chambers. President McNally presiding.

Dennis McNally, President Alfred Noble, Vice President Robert “Doc” Orr

Jeanne Miller Gregg Mitcho Doug Wright

Robert Stubenbort, Borough Manager Peter Burton, Mayor

Joseph Yochim, Solicitor Mark Corey, Engineer

Kevin Rafferty, Chief of Police

Dennis McDonald, Public Works Supervisor Jim Simonelli

VISITORS                                Ginger Cinti Larry Russell Shirley Hall Michael Curran Jeff Gadley

Bev Bible

Randy C. Webber

MINUTES                                Motion by Councilmember Wright to approve the January 16, 2023 council meeting minutes. Seconded by Councilmember Noble. All in favor. Motion carried.

BILLS                                     Motion by Councilmember Orr to approve payment of the bills.

Seconded by Councilmember Mitcho. All in favor. Motion carried.


Mickey Curran Mentioned that he is answering questions for Steve Laskowski the State Forester concerning the Water Works Park tree stands history. Mr. Curran said that he discussed the location for the new park trail with Mr. Laskowski so to avoid the wet lands and certain trees that are important to the future of the park. Mr. Randy Webber from Rice Avenue explained that it is his understanding that the borough is working on a chicken ordinance and he is against allowing chickens in the borough.








Councilmember Mitcho reported that Part Time Police Officer Tanner Hughs was sworn in as Fire Police. Dobler Hose continues to apply for much needed equipment. These grants are competitive but Dobler continues to apply every year. In the future Dobler Hose will have the grants completed through a grant writer. An account was opened witl1 PLGIT (Pennsylvania Local Investment Trust) tl1is will be for money tliat is not going to be used right away and the interest rate is 4.75%. February 28″‘ the Girard Township will have a meeting with local municipalities and fire departments to talk about the implementation of a fire tax.

Councilmember Orr reported tl1at tl1e West County Emergency Center did not meet this montl1.

Mayor Burton said tl1at Dobler Hose Fire Chief Jeff Gadley answered 502 calls in 2022. Mr. Gadley is running for District Magistrate and has already completed the mandatory education required for the position. The Girard Downtown Partnership received a Renaissance Grant that ” ll be used to help homeowners on Chestnut Street, Myrtle Street, Locust Street and possibly Walnut Street. Police Chief Rafferty reported tl1at tl1e new records system and the new body camera system are both being installed. Several Officers received Use Of Force training and Taser recertification. The new license plate reader system will be up and running soon. A conditional offer of employment was made to tl1e applicant for part time.

The new Massie Ferguson radial arm mower (Boom Mower) was delivered February 2, 2023. The cost of tl1e mower is $164,903.12.

The Walnut Water Storage replacement project is expected to begin tl1e first week of April 2023. Konzel Construction was the bid mnner at a total cost to tl1e borough of $560,000.00.

The spring water system flushing mil begin March 20, 2023 and will be complete before the Walnut Water Storage Tank project begins. Some discolored water may be seen but it should clear up after several hours.

Both valves for the final clarifier have been replaced by Konzel Construction. The clarifier gearbox was evaluated, and the parts have been ordered. Two sets are on order so a spare will be available if tl1e other clarifier gearbox fails. The gearbox should be up and running mtl1in 10 weeks. The cost, including botl1 sets of gears and installation of new gears in tl1e box is $13,040.00

McQuillens Chevrolet GMC will have tl1e first EV charging station in Girard Borough. The electric transformer is on order and tl1e project is estimated to be complete in 28 weeks. The transformer cost is $13,250.00. Councilmember Noble asked if tl1e borough covers the cost of the transformer. Mr. Stubenbort said tl1at a new customer would need to pay for the transformer then after 12 consecutive montl1s the customer would be reimbursed through a credit on their electric bill. An existing customer like McQuillens, in good standing, receives the transformer and the cost is covered by the borough.










The Textmygov program is moving along. Councilmember Miller has been making changes to the girardborough.com website so the Textmygov users can link to the exact information they need on the website. The one­ word response feature will be available soon.


The Fish and Boat Commission did agree that Old Ridge Road that dead ends at the razed Old Ridge Road Bridge dose belong to the Girard Borough and can be used for the parking lot by Elk Creek. The Fish and Boat Commission will draft a document to allow the parking lot to be established on the Legion property as planned.


On January 10, 2023 American Municipal Power held the annual portfolio meeting with a Committee of Council. The borough continues to have a solid portfolio that will be continued with the diesel generation units used for pealung and the new contract which began in January in 2023. AMP continues to offer generation projects from time to time that Council may find interesting.

Steven Laskowslu form the Bureau of Forestry’s (BOF) is almost done developing a forest management plan for Water Works Parle Steve will be consulting with Mickey Curran about park specifics from past practices.

The stands of trees have been compiled for the plan.

On February 15, 2023 Fairview Twp held a meeting to discuss Rt 20 and Rt 98. Fairview has hired a consulting group to figure out how to increase throughput and alleviate bottlenecks during snow storms when Sr. 90 is closed and during other high traffic times. No changes were confirmed. PennDOT, County Planning as well as local municipalities and emergency services were in attendance.

The Public Works Department has the new doors installed in all four restrooms at the borough office. Most of the partitions have been removed and replacement parts are on order.

January 19, 26, 2023 the Borough Solicitor and the Borough Manager attended a virtual cyber security work shop provided by the PSAB. Although the threat is real the proper protection is in place for the Girard Borough. Our firewall is five years old and our new firewall will be installed this year.

The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority is considering a Business Beehive Opportunity for the West County that could tak.e place in Girard Borough. More Information is available at https://v.ww.nwpabeehive.com/



The Grid Resilience Innovation Partnership grant through American Municipal Power is a technology upgrade that involved a 50% match on an electric use technology that would gather information in real time. The cost to the borough is unknown at this time and the borough would need to have to pay 100% of the cost for new meters and new meter installation and hire a consulting team to implement the project. With further investigation AMP was not able to explain if there would be any cost benefit to the borough.

Mr. Larry Russell donated a flag to the borough but as it turns out the flag is too large for borough use. Mr. Russell agreed to donate the flag to the Girard American Legion who will use the flag to practice flag folding. The Legion has agreed to continue donating flags to the Borough.

COUNCIL COMMENTS           Councilmember Orr thanked the Mayor for swearing in new Fire Police.

Councilmember Orr mentioned that we still have many old poles existing with new poles beside them. The old poles need to be removed.

Councilmember Mitcho mentioned that the Rice Avenue Soup sale raised $2,488.66 this year and then thanked Councilmember Wright for his participation. Councilmember Noble asked to have electric ran to the Water Works Park Pavilion. Councilmember Miller mentioned that construction work at Elk Valley Elementary School will begin March 1, 2023.

Meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m. for a five-minute break. before going into executive session.



At 7:58 p.m., President McNally asked for an executive session to discuss personnel and legal matters.

The regular meeting was called back into session at 8:37 p.m. No other issues were discussed.


ADJOURN                                Motion by Councilmember Orr and seconded by Councilmember Noble

to adjourn at 8:38 p.m. All in favor.

Robert A. Stubenbort Borough Manager




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