March 20, 2023



Council in regular session was called to order at 7:00 p.m. in council chambers. President McNally presiding.

Dennis McNally, President Alfred Noble, Vice President Robert “Doc” Orr

Jeanne Miller Gregg Mitcho Doug Wright Jim Simonelli

Robert Stubenbort, Borough Manager Peter Burton, Mayor

Joseph Yochim, Solicitor Mark Corey, Engineer

Kevin Rafferty, Chief of Police

Dennis McDonald, Public Works Supervisor

VISITORS      Ryan Zurn, GPD Larry Russell Shirley Hall

Mary Gollmer, Lake City Council President Ginger Cinti, Lake City Council

Chris Byers, Lake City Council

Libby Rosequist, West County News Journal Nancy Fuller

Randall Brian

MINUTES    Motion by Councilmember Wright to approve the February 20, 2023 council meeting minutes. Seconded by Councilmember Noble. All in favor. Motion carried.



Motion by Councilmember Orr to approve payment of the bills. Seconded by Councilmember Mitcho. All in favor. Motion carried.

Issy Lawrie mentioned that it is wonderful that McQuillen Chevrolet GMC is installing an electric car charging unit. Ms. Lawrie believes that electric transportation will soon be common and will help to cut clown on pollution caused by fossil fuel engines. Grants are available for charging stations.






Councilmember Mitcho reported that the purse party at A.F. Dobler will be April 15, 2023. A financial summary) for Dobler Hose is in the Council Package. A resolution is on our agenda tonight concerning how EMS bills are not being paid.

Councilmember Orr reported that the EMC has received equipment batteries and will purchase chargers for the batteries. Girard School District will hold a bomb squad drill in the near future. New barricades will be purchased. Free smoke alarms are available through the Red Cross. The Crawford Erie County Wild Land Fire Fighters are available to help fire companies with wild land fires.

Mayor Burton said that The Downtown Partnership has received ECGRA Grant money and a meeting will be held March 27, 2023 at 6:00 PM in the Social Hall with the residents from Chestnut Street, Myrtle Street and Locust Street. The museum items at the Yellow House will be moved to the White House to make the Yellow House more user friendly for events. Mayor Burton is requesting to have the Public Works Department remove the blockage at the pond on the Troyer property. Mark Troyer has granted permission in writing to the Mayor and stated to the Mayor that he is not willing to do anything to correct the problem. After a brief discussion about storm water, Council agreed to have the Public Works Department go on the Troyer property in the Girard Township and work on his pond. Mayor Burton mentioned that he is on the board for the Historical Society and they have weddings planned for this year at the Yellow House, The Historical Society will build a Social Hall on the property in the future. Police Chief Rafferty reported that the new information system is up mid running and Officers are being trained. April 11th will be the start date for the body camera system. The license plate reader will be up and running soon. The state grant has been awarded and the borough will need to pay for items up front, but all of the money will be reimbursed to the borough. The Mayor said the new license plate readers will read the license plates in front back and both sides of the patrol cars. The modern technology will bring the cars up on a screen so the Officers will not need to manually enter the license plates.

Councilmember Noble mentioned that water dose not drain at the corner of Wall Street and Vine Street at the stop sign and requests ,m extra storm drain be installed.

Resolution of the Borough of Girard favoring the enactment of legislation requiring all insurance companies, specifically, Allegheny Health network doing business as Highmark, Inc. to pay for emergency medical services jointly to tl1eir clients and to tl1e services providers. Motion by Councilmember Noble in favor of Resolution 1-3-2023 favoring tl1e enactment of legislation requiring all insurance companies, specifically, Allegheny Healtl1 network doing business as Highmark, Inc. to pay for emergency medical services jointly to their clients and to tl1e services providers. Seconded by Councilmember Orr. All in favor. Motion carried.







Council reviewed tl1e proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance pertaining to tl1e storage of recreation vehicles, trailers and boats. The majority of Council agreed to give tl1e amendment more consideration to allow the storage of recreation vehicles, trailers and boats witl1 less restrictions.

Council reviewed tl1e proposed amendment to tl1e Transient Retail Business Ordinance pertaining to Food Trucks. Council assigned tl1e Borough Manager to formalize m1d advertise for a Council vote at tl1e next Council Meeting.

Konzel Construction replaced botl1 clarifier valves at tl1e waste water treatment plant at a cost of $21,144,.16.

American Resource Recovery Corporation (ARRC) did visit tl1e WWTP recently to look at the RBCs for installation of replacement parts to have all four RBCs running. Council agreed to move fonvard on tl1e RBC project up to $12,000.00. Motion by Councilmember Mitcho to approve ilie RBC project up to $12,000.00. Seconded by Councilmcmber Simonelli. All in favor. Motion carried.

Work on the Walnut Street water storage tank began on March 13, 2023 and is projected to finish June 19, 2023. Councilmember Miller asked tl1at the parking lot at the Yellow House be usable April 15″‘ for the Cleanup Day.

Council reviewed tl1e tentative list of roads that will be seal coated in 2023.

The work on Main Street may begin as early as May l, 2023 but the actual paving is not scheduled to take place until after Dan Rice Days.



Erie Aluminum will deliver m1d attach tl1e new awnings to the Main Stage before tl1e Summer Solstice. The cost is $2,432.06. Councilmember Miller asked if tl1e awnings would be able to roll up in between events in tl1e summer and Manager Stubenbort said yes.

The borough has a new firewall at a cost of $2,192.00. This is tl1e most up to date cyber protection we cm1 have m1d should keep us safe as possible.







Residential leaf pick up dates are April 20th and May 18th. Curbside pickup of leaves in clear plastic bags will take place in the early morning on the pickup dates so home owners should put the bags of leaves out the night before. Fall leaf pick up dates are October 12th and 26th, November 9th and 25th.

The Elk Creek Sportsman’s Club will hold their annual Fishing Derby on April 15, 2023 from 1:00 -3:00 p.m. The fishing derby is for children between the ages of 1 – 12. Councilmember Noble asked for a contact to set up the pond for a veterans fishing day for elderly veterans from the Erie Veterans Home.

Velocity Net is requesting mal–e ready work on the borough poles that will be part of the next internet expansion phase. VNet understands that they will pay for all requested mal(e ready work.

Daniel Zimmerman will once again be working at our compost area. The Girard Borough Compost Area will be open to Girard Borough residents on April 1, 2023 will be closed on Easter Sunday April 9th and will then be open every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm through about mid-December.

The Girard Township Supervisors held a meeting with the local municipalities and fire departments to talk about the implementation of a fire tax by millage. Most if not all agreed that a fire tax is needed and that more discussion of how much will need to be discussed at a later elate.

One mill for Girard Borough would equal $146,000.00. The borough currently provides water and sewer free of charge to Dobler Hose.

Electricity is provided at cost. $40,800.00 is the boroughs current yearly cash contribution.

On March 14, 2023 tl1e County held a Fire /EMS meeting to discuss the future of our volunteer fire and EMS. The services are tl1e responsibility of each municipality, but municipalities can work together to resolve issues.

The next meeting of tl1e Erie County Association of Boroughs is April 18, 2023 at tl1e Girard American Legion.

COUNCIL COMMENTS           Councilmember Orr mentioned tl1at the budget recap has a miscalculation. Councilmember Simonelli mentioned tl1e cars that speed on Main Street at Church and Main. Council assigned the Borough Manager to purchase an additional Radar Sign with flashing lights and speed recorder. With tl1e speed recorder tl1e Police will know at what time tl1e speeding takes place, Councilmember Mitcho mentioned that he recently inspected tl1e Knox boxes in Girard Borough for A.F. Dobler Hose Company. While at McQuillen Chevrolet GMC the new car charging station was delivered. Councilmember Miller mentioned that tl1e ECGRA grant for the park was denied. Mrs. Miller said that she will pursue another grant with ECGRA. ECGRA would be interested in approving a grant as a match to a DCED grant. Councilmember Miller asked Councilmember Wright to apply to the DCED for a grant and he agreed. Councilmember Miller asked if we were reimbursed for the monument grant. Manager Stubenbort said that we have not been reimbursed yet.

Councilmember Miller mentioned that the Girard School District will film a “how to” video that can be posted online to show people how easy it is to sign up for the TEXMYGOV program.

April 15th is Cleanup Day 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. It’s the same day as the Fishing Derby. April 18th is the Battles Estate Cleanup day. A Memorial Day parade will take place on May 29′” and feature a local drum and bugle core. A program will take place after the parade in the cemetery. Shred Day and Dobler Day is 11:00AM to 2:00 pm. On June 10″‘. June 22″” is the Summer Solstice event. Councilmember Miller asked when the cross walk flashing lights would be installed at the entrance to the school district. Engineer Mark Corey said that he is working on the permit.

Councilmember Miller said that Dan Rice Days is looking for a volunteer to work on the Dan Rice Days website. Councilmember Miller asked who puts on the train wreck drill. The county did have one years ago.

Councilmember Orr said that drills do take place from time to time and are put on by the county. Councilmember Miller said that the Master Plan for the downtown area is almost complete.

Meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m. for a five-minute break before going into executive session.




At 8:34 p.m., President McNally asked for an executive session to discuss personnel and legal matters.

The regular meeting was called back into session at 9:35 p.m.

Councilmember Wright explained to Council that the borough has 3 full term Council seats up for reelection this year and 1 two-year seat.

Currently all 5 candidates are running for tl1e 4 year seats and no one is running for the 2 year seat. If someone gets at least 10 write in votes for the 2 year seat at tl1e primary election, they will be on the ballet for tl1e 2 year seat for the November Election.

Motion by Councilmember Orr and seconded by Councilmember Noble to adjourn at 9:4.LL p.m. All in favor.

Robert A. Stubenbort Borough Manager